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Personal Development for Value

Read & Expand

Read & Expand

Every day I block out time for my own personal development through inspirational and educational books, CDs, blogs, videos, webinars, podcasts.  It’s whatever moves me in a direction of improvement to increase my value.

For you to be successful in life, both personally and professionally, find ways to improve yourself and expand your mind to become a better person, wife, sister, mother, friend, business partner.  As I grow, improve and be of value, the people around me do too, as does my business.

Some part of my day I read.  I prefer a real hold it in your hand book because it’s easier for me to mark it up and return to passages within.  Although when I want to read a book immediately, I download an electronic version from Amazon.

When I’m in my car I pop in a CD and make my car a rolling university. I listen to great wise masters in the area of personal development whose words bring joy to my soul and teach me how to be a more effective person and more effective leader. I also listen to educational CDs related to my business.

Here are a few books and CDs that I found last year to be educational and valuable.

Social Boom  by Jeffrey Gitomer.  A wow of a book on how to build your brand using Social Media.  All Jeffrey’s books are great if you are in the industry of selling, influencing and promoting which all of us are.

The Traveler’s Gift:  Seven Decisions that Determine Personal Success by Andy Andrews.  This book combines self-help with fiction.  Easy to read and absorb the 7 decisions that must be incorporated into your life to be successful.

Awaken The Giant Within by Anthony Robbins.  This book is at least 25 years old and I can’t believe I waited this long to read it.  It’s about how to master your emotions, your body, your relationships, your finances.  How to discover your true purpose, take control of your life and harness the forces that shape your destiny.

Zero Rejecting Prospecting by Norbert Orlewicz & Michael J. Durkin.  If you want to do any marketing online, this is the book for you. I didn’t know a thing about marketing on line and this book outlines exactly what you need to do and why.



Building Your Network Marketing Business by Jim Rohn.  I must have listen to this CD 40xs in the past year.  Rohn shares his success philosophies associated with the creation of wealth. He motivates and trains you like none other.  This is a must for your library.

The 45 Second Presentation by Don Failla.  If you are still unclear on how the Network Marketing business model works, Don provides illustration after illustration of this business model.


Weekly Marketing Webinars provided by the founders of MLSP.  Every Wednesday evening for the past 4 years the founders of MLSP provide education and training from industry leaders on anything and everything to building your business on and off line.  These webinars are free.

This has been the #1 educational platform I have used to build my business.  Before I found this site, I knew absolutely nothing about using the Internet for my business.  I’m still a novice but what I have learned in the past 2 years is amazing and all free.

Click Here to get connected to these FREE Educational Webinars.

If you enjoyed this post please comment and share.  What books and CD have you read or listened to last year that made an impact on your life?

Dallas Piana


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Don’t Settle. Love What You Do

Love What You DO

Love What You Do

This was sent to me this am from my company and it’s so true…..

A 2013 study by Gallup’s State of the American Workplace Report found that 70% of Americans are “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” in their current job. Maybe because that’s all it is … a job.

There’s a high probability that somebody you know is looking for a change.

What better time than a new year to suggest a new path … an opportunity to work with passion and purpose and find more time with family, opportunities for personal growth and connections to new friendships.

The great thing about being in network marketing as a Consultant is that you can help someone just by sharing the business and introducing them to your products & services that could make an impact on their life.

How many people do you know who really don’t like their job?


If you enjoyed this post please comment and share.

Dallas Piana


P.S.   You’re invited to join our mastermind training Webinars with 6 & 7 figure Home Based Business earners every Wednesday night.  Space is limited.

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Achieving Your Network Marketing Goals in 2014

Setting Goals

Setting Goals

Did you know that you are more likely to achieve your Network Marketing goals if you write them down and refer to them daily with an action plan?

How else are you going to ensure that you stay on track to

reach your goals?  It’s all in the doing, the action you take that will move you forward to realize your dreams and achieve your goals.

So let’s start together and set our goals for the 1st quarter of 2014.  We will set a 3 month goal and then break it down by month, week and by day.  This will make it manageable and easy to track your results.

Get out a piece of paper, your journal or open a word document.  You want easy access to your written goals so you can refer to them daily.



Answer these questions by writing down your answers: Continue reading

Nurses: Jump Start Your Network Marking Business in 2014

NURSES & Network Marketing 

If you are like most nurses the “JOB” just doesn’t provide you with enough disposable income to do all the thing you want to do, all the experiences you want to have, and all the gifts you want to give.  Am I right?

Many of you have networking marketing businesses (MLM”S) that you started in the hopes of making some easy money.  But you have hit a wall of who to talk to next to buy your companies products or even better, join you in the quest to fulfill your financial dreams.

I’m hear to tell you …don’t give up.  You are in the perfect industry for financial success.   You just don’t know how to tap into people beyond your family and friends.


I didn’t either until I stumbled upon a website that’s completely devoted to training on how to use social media and email marketing to expand our reach to people who are also looking to generate more cash flow.

It’s in the education….which I’m sure you know.  But the education that this site provides is beyond your, mine expectations.

And their having a HOLIDAY BUNDLE Special through December 25th.  Worth every penny.

So if are ready to dust off you network marketing business and put some oomph back into it and grow it and become the leader you were meant to be, check out their package.  All the education you need to be successful is right there.

Act Now and make 2014 a year of a year to remember!!!

Click here :

I have met the owners of this website…3 guys who were where we are today.  They are totally committed to our success..YOUR SUCCESS!

Let me know which marketing system you have put in place and stay in contact with me


To your success,


Dallas Piana

Nurse Ventures, LLC







Setting New Year Resolutions

Setting New Year Resolutions That Work

For years and years, just before the start of a new year, I would jot down what I wanted to accomplish in the new year.  I would create a list of far reaching goals that I believed would make me “happy”.  And each year at the end of the year..I would review my list and check off those I reached.  I accomplished very few of those goals…but I also listed what I did accomplish that were not the goals I intended at the beginning of the year.

To my surprise, I accomplished a lot, I traveled a lot and I had personally grown from the years accumulated accomplishments that were small in comparision to “my list” but more rewarding than anything I had written down.

I came to realize that what I accomplished in January shapes what I want to accomplish in February and so forth and so on.

So instead of creating one huge list of resolutions or goals  I break down my goals by month, by week and by day. I use my day planner as my guide, but use anything that you will look at everyday that will keep you on purpose to reach your goals.

Happy New Year



Introducing Swivl – Hands Free Video Recording


My Swivl Review – A+

The Swivl a relatively new product that has become my new best friend. 

This device allows you to record videos hands free.  No need to find someone to be your camera man. 

The Swivl is a small motorized docking station which you mount your iPhone or any video camera, that weighs less than 6 ounces, right on its base. 

You wear a nifty tracking device either on your clothing or clipped onto a lanyard hung around your neck.  As you move, the iPhone moves horizontally or vertically following your every move.

The newest version has a built in microphone on the tracking devise so your voice is consistently being recorded with little variation.   

You either place the Swivl on a hard surface or you can mount it to a tripod.

Swivl is easy to set up right out of the box. Comes with all the necessary batteries and within minutes we were recording video hands free.

Swivl is a great device to use if you are an onstage speaker, teacher, a trainer, video blogger or just want to record a video with just yourself in the screen or everybody in the screen.   You can also use the Swivl when you’re on Face time and you want to be hands free.  The uses are really unlimited.

In my opinion the Swivl is a very useful tool.   Order through Amazon for $179.00.


Please share Swivl with all your friends, family and associates.  And leave a comment below if you have one or are thinking of purchasing one. 

About Plugins – For The Non-Techy Nurse

About Plugins

Plugins Are Appliances


Plugins– For all the  non-techy nurses that are blogging or hope to be blogging one day, a plugin is an essential tool for increasing the functionality of your blog.

Simply put, your website is your empty house and plugins are your appliances. Every house has different makes of appliances depending on the owners taste and what they want the appliance to do for them. Continue reading

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